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Capital Mulch Company Mulches

Keep In Mind:
  • 1 cu yd of mulch
    covers 100 sq ft
    @ 3" deep

Our MulchesCapital Mulch Company offers high quality mulch at
unbeatable prices!

And, as part of our commitment to our customers and the environment, NO dangerouse chemicals or dyes are contained in ANY of our products.

Our mulch varieties include the following:

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Nature's GREEN-RELEAF™ Certified Compost

Keep In Mind:
  • 1 cu yd of soil
    covers 100 sq ft
    @ 2" deep

  • 1/4 cu yd of compost covers
    100 sq ft
    of lawn @ 1/2" deep (for lawn rejuvenation)

Our SoilsCapital Mulch Company also offers high quality blended garden and screened soils, certified US compost, and fill dirt.

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Capital Mulch Company Gravel, Sand & Stone

Keep In Mind:
  • 1 cu yd of sand/gravel
    covers 100 sq ft
    @ 2" deep

  • 1 ton of sand/gravel
    covers 100 sq ft
    @ 3" deep

Gravel, Sand & StoneCapital Mulch Company can also provide you with pea gravel, playground sand, drainage stone, and crush and run.

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  • Crush and Run
  • Drainage Stone #57
  • Pea Gravel #78
  • White Playground Sand
  • Washed Screenings #44

Min. delivery for gravel / stone /sand
is 8,000 lbs (4 tons)

1 cu yd of sand = approx. 1.2 tons
1 cu yd of gravel = approx. 1.3 tons

Capital Mulch Company Dry Stacked Wall Stone

Dry Stacked Wall StoneCapital Mulch Company even carries a selection of beautiful dry stacked wall stone, garden boulders and creek rocks including:

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Other Products and Services
  • Dumptruck Debris Removal
  • Tilling Service with skidsteer or mini-tiller
  • Hauling Services
  • Mulch Preparation and Spreading
  • Drystack Stone, Patios and Garden Paths
  • Trees, Bushes, Perennials and Bulbs

We have the tools to get the whole job done; whether it's mowing, pressure washing, leaf blowing, tilling... We can take care of it for you!

Other Products and Services

Yard Aeration
Avail. late Aug. Yard Aerationthru early Feb.

  • $60 for 5,000 sq. ft.
  • $90 for 10,000 sq. ft.

Compost Top Dressing
Compost Top DressingApplied at 1/4 inch in turf areas
  • $50 for 30 cubic ft.
    (covers 1,200 sq. ft.)
  • $140 for 90 cubic ft.
    (covers 3,600 sq. ft.)

We use high-quality seed

  • $50 for 25 lbs. applied
  • $90 for 50 lbs. applied

Starter Fertilizer
Starter Fertilizer18-23-4 mix

  • $25 for 5,000 sq. ft.
  • $50 for 10,000 sq. ft.

*Discounts are offered for multiple customers - Ask your neighbors to combine orders with you and save money!

Contact us for pricing and availability of all available products and services.

Delivery is Included!
Capital Mulch Company Delivery TruckAt Capital Mulch Company, there are no hidden fees or surcharges. All mulch prices* INCLUDE DELIVERY within our local delivery area!

*Delivery charges for other products may apply

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About Our Company
Capital Mulch Company Owner Rich TrahinCapital Mulch Company owner Rich Trahin has
a passion for gardening and landscaping.
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